How to import data to Salesforce – MySalesData G-Sheets Connector for Salesforce

In order to import data in Salesforce bulk load or just row by row anyone can use MySalesData for Salesforce Google Sheets Add-on a Salesforce connector for Google Sheets. We have prepared 2 videos on the Youtube to show how to do that and I will attache them to that post but before that I will explain one is better to you MySalesData for this operation

  • first one have to install MySalesData for Salesforce 
  • using the menu Add-ons->MySalesData for Salesforce -> login to the required system PROD or SANDBOX
  • load data to the current Google Sheet or to the new Sheet using the "Menu" - File->Import -> then select the TAB Upload

  • then select any file that Google Sheets can import usually it can be any file with the structured data (csv, excel, txt, html tables and so on)
  • add it to the Sheet

  • check the data

  • then navigate to Add-ons -> MySalesData for Salesforce -> SOQL Loader and then new form will open 

  • using this form one has to select first the object using the "select form"  item in the top left corner 
  • in this example I'm loading the data to Contact object so I selected it as a target
  • after the target object is selected in the grid in the "select" items against the Sheet columns column/vertical list one can map the Salesforce object column from the chosen target object as anyone can see on the picture above
  • after the mapping is done if you use a licensed version this mapping can be saved for the future usage as a "Template" with the own name
  • then such as we want to load all  data from the Sheet we using the radio button above the grid selecting "ALL ROWS"
  • we select the operation "Insert" in the top right corner of the form ( other operations will be "grayed" such as on this sheet we have no link with salesforce object and have no ID column such as it is fresh data
  • then we press PUSH
  • after insert is done the new dialog will appear when one can see the amount of rows that were inserted to the object

The bulk insert operation in Salesforce object is complete successfully. Al that was explained in this article you can also see in the video below:

How to import data in Salesforce