How to export a report from Salesforce

Using MySalesData for Salesforce Google Sheets Add-on   anyone can export a report in Salesforce to Google Sheets and even save it on ones computer as Excel document such as Google Sheets exports files in Excel format.  Before doing that one must prepare the report in Salesforce and we will cover it in another post. As of now this is how we can export the report using MySalesData for Salesforce.

  • install MySalesData for Salesforce as described here;
  • login to the Salesforce
  • then open Google Sheets and navigate to Add-ons->MySalesData for Salesforce->Pull data from Reports as on the picture below;

  • after you select the Pull data from Reports the new form will open where one can select the report to export from the list of all reports available for the current Salesforce user

  • after the report to export is selected click on the button “Get report” and all data if any from this Salesforce report will be exported to the Google Sheet
  • after that one can save it in any supported format by Google Sheets using the menu File->Download As .. the rest see on the last picture