How to add rows to Salesforce object using MySalesData G-Sheets Connector for Salesforce |

There are usually two tasks that Salesforce user can face adding rows to Salesforce object.

  • add just several rows to the  Salesforce object manually
  • add the hundreds of records to Salesforce object (bulk load)

In this post we will describe how to perform both of them using MySalesData for Salesforce Google Sheets Add-on. To add just several rows to Salesforce object using MySalesData user must 

  1. Use "Pull data using SOQL Builder" to bind a Google Sheet to the Salesforce object, please select columns that you have data for populate - ID column will be added automatically to any select. After you run the select even if now rows are returned now the Google Sheet is bind to Salesforce Object and one can add rows to this object.
  2. Populate the empty row below the last one on the Google Sheet except the ID column it must stay empty.
  3. Now one can execute SOQL Loader and Select Insert and All rows  or selected rows and then press PUSH after that new row will be added to the object

For bulk load please watch that video that shows how to load external data in bulk to Salesforce object Contacts:

How to load external data to Salesforce object