MySalesData G-Sheets Connector for Salesforce

Use a free version that has all main tools

Login using your account to Salesforce Production or Sandbox from Google Sheets that gives you the full connection to Salesforce from Google Sheets

Export report in Salesforce to Google Sheets or any other file formats supported by Google

The support of both API types to access Salesforce from third party systems as: REST API for users with Enterprise and Unlimited license that are very expensive editions and SOAP API for users with other non expensive editions and our Add-on works with SOAP API almost such fast as with REST API.

Pull the data using SOQL query builder to Google Sheets

Salesforce Data Loader - SOQL Loader to insert, update and merge data to Salesforce from Google Sheets

Get the object description details

Delete rows automatically. (in bulk) or manually from Salesforce objects

Edit Salesforce object simultaneously with the team

Use time plans to automate the data load to Salesforce and from Salesforce

Use managed templates to save your SOQL query for the future use

Use managed templates to save your SOQL Loader mapping for future use with the time plans

Get the list of the object with properties and row count from Salesforce