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by using our professional add-on Salesforce for Google Sheets– MySalesData for Salesforce Google Sheets Add-on

Are you looking for the  ways to leverage the technology to save the time and money? We can help you with that. You can take an opportunity to use our experience in Salesforce, improve your products and increase your sales. It really works.

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Start working with Salesforce using Google Sheets and our add-on will help you with that!
Save a lot on a license providing the fresh Salesforce data feed to the users without a Salesforce account.
Use our scheduler to pull data from Salesforce, to save them to the Google Drive or mail it to your recipients even when you are offline.
Edit the Salesforce objects data simultaneously from different accounts and resolve conflicts automatically.
Fully functional SOQL query builder and SOQL Loader allows to populate any object in Salesforce from legacy systems.